Different Types Of wood.

There is a tremendous selection and variety: With the help of modern technology, hardwood floors come in many sizes, styles, colors, and species. These many choices can easily lead to a lifetime of floor enjoyment.


Construct consisting of layers of wood pressed together and glued. The grains run in different directions for added stability (unlike solids). This product is available several ply thickness with 3 and 5 ply being the norm. Engineered hardwood flooring can be used in those areas of the house where solid wood flooring installation is not suitable. The most common areas are basements, and areas with moisture concerns like kitchens, powder rooms, and utility rooms.


All hardwood flooring that is one piece of wood from top to bottom regardless of width or length, is considered to be solid hardwood flooring. Normal sizes range 3/8″ up to 3/4″, with thicker products for custom orders. The 3/8″ solid in certain species is ideal for installation over radiant heat. Solid hardwood flooring gives you ability to have a custom, one-of-kind hardwood floor in any room of our home or office. You many choose from many species, whether domestic or imported exotics, colors of stains and finish types. Adding accents, borders, medallions or even a painted hardwood floor can make your floor truly a work of art. The product is a good choice for any room in your home from the ground level and up. Solid hardwood floor products normally can be professionally refinished 4-5 times.


A floating floor is either an engineered or laminate floor that is not affixed to the sub floor. A thin soft pad which protects against moisture, reduces noise, and adds a cushion under foot is first laid over the sub floor. Then the floor is installed over it. The tongue and groove boards are held together either by glue or by a click and lock system.

Acrylic Impregnated

A process where acrylics is injected into the wood itself, creating a super-hard, extremely durable floor. Often used in commercial installations, like common public areas, shopping malls, and restaurants. They also work well in high traffic areas of the household, such as kitchens and adjoining family rooms. (see maintaining an acrylic impregnated floor)

Which wood floor?

Like all organic materials, each wood species has its own unique character and quirks. To make it more confusing, within each species there are many variations in color, dimensional stability, grain, and hardness. These variations can result in 2 different logs from the same species being graded differently.


Plank hardwood flooring is linear, and is wider in width. Common widths of plank flooring are 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″, and wider products are not uncommon although the wider the more concerns for effects by moisture.


Strip flooring is also linear flooring that is usually 1 1/2″, 2 1/4″, or 3 1/4″ wide. Creating a linear effect, strip hardwood floor in a room often gives Type your paragraph here.

Increase your value.

Not only are wood floors affordable, wood floors also add value to your residence at resale time, not to mention it is a lifetime product. They increase in value as your home does. Hardwood floor products are one of the most sought after hard surface flooring in remolding and new home construction.


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